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RF simulation & analysis software, Motor software, Transformer The antenna design software module that helps you accelerate your antenna design, modeling, and validation. Calculates antenna gain, efficiency, impedance. Daniel Mammo | Antenna (Radio) | Polarization (Waves) The described wideband antenna structures are similar to those used as single-feed circularly polarized patch antennas. The coupling between the modes is adjusted for optimal circularly polarized radiation, whereas in the wideband antennas …

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An antenna unit formed in the shape of a hollow box comprising (a) a substrate forming the front side of the antenna unit, (b) a first microstrip antenna array formed on the substrate, (c) a second microstrip antenna array formed on the … Radioengineering - June 2017, Volume 26, Number 2 [DOI: 10 The radiation characteristics of the proposed ACS-fed monopole antenna is nearly omnidirectional with moderate gain over the entire UWB frequency range. Radioengineering - December 2014, Volume 23, Number 4

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Chapter 5: Characteristics of the Circular Patch Antenna (393 KB) ... Stacked Parasitic Patches; Broadbanding Techniques II — The U-Slot Patch Antenna ... A Broadband Low Cross-Polarization U-Slot Patch Antenna Array ...

IV. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY AND DISCUSSION. The microstrip antenna having single u-shaped slot on the patch is fed by 50ω microstrip line and the main advantage of using the microstrip line feeding is that its ease of fabrication and the impedance matching is simple by controlling the inset cut position and the method is relatively simple.

The Versatile U-Slot Patch Antenna - INFONA The U-slot patch antenna was originally developed as a single-layer, single-patch wideband antenna. It has recently been shown that it can also be designed to perform a number of other functions. In this paper, a comprehensive account is given on the development of this antenna. Emphasis is placed on experimental and simulation results for various U-slot topologies, illustrating the antenna's Modeling and Analysis of Single Layer Multi-band U-Slot Patch … The models of the multi-band single layer U-slot patch antenna as discussed in [1], and [2] have been built and analyzed and agree well with results reported. Reference [1] K. F. Lee, S. L. S. Yang and A. Kishk, "The versatile U-slot patch antenna," 2009 3rd European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Berlin, 2009, pp. 3312-3314. On the Use of Slots in the Design of Patch Antennas The antenna gain was found to be about 8 dB for the entire bandwidth. The maximum back to front level was about -14 dB at the frequency of 5.6 GHz and was about -12 dB over the band. The strong back radiation is a major disadvantage of a resonant slot aperture coupled patch antenna.

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CHARACTERIZATION OF WIDEBAND U-SLOT PATCH ANTENNAS THROUGH CHARACTERISTIC MODAL ANALYSIS AND COUPLED MODE THEORY ... versatile, light weight, cheap, and reliable. One of the drawbacks of MPAs, however, is their narrow bandwidth, typically ... The Microstrip Patch Antenna Microstrip U-slot Patch Antenna - Bibsys The first U-slot patch antenna is simulated on a microwave substrate, whereas the second is simulated, implemented and measured on a foam substrate. The design parameters of both antennas are obtained by applying the results from a parameter sensitivity analysis performed on an initial unoptimized U-slot patch antenna design.